Baseball Album Cards 1.0.1

Baseball Album Cards 1.0.1


Size:124.0 MB

Date Added:10 January, 2014

Author: OnLine Studio Productions LLC

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Are you a baseball fan in the U.S? Do you have problems to find information about the best baseball players? Do you want to carry your favorite baseball cards everywhere? If you are a user of iPad ... this app was made especially for you!

"Baseball App" is the new interactive application that Online Studio Productions has created for baseball fans. You will have the most complete personal information, achievements and statistics of the 120 best exponents of baseball, all included in the "Baseball Hall of Fame."

Fans will have a complete view of this american sport: annotations, jersey numbers, results of tournaments, all with realistic illustrations and a modern design, simple and ideal for iPad. Download and fill your album now!


- Tour of the 120 best baseball players according to the "Baseball Hall of Fame", including players of the twentieth century and the last ones from American League and the old Black League.
- Stunning illustrations!
- The application includes 1000 coins to buy packs of cards. This will help you to meet the application and the quality of the content. If you want to complete your collection with packs of 3 and 7 cards, you can get them by buying cash (coins) from only $ 0.99.The contents displayed as not available should be purchased through In-App Purchase.
- Look at your whole collection like a real album! Turn pages like a book and feel the emotion of seeing your entire collection as if you were in the days of paper!
- Press the card you're looking to rotate and It will display the player information: his name, real name, nickname, position, date of birth / death, teams where he has played and field position. Click buttons to see the prizes he has won and notable records during his career.
- Full statistics for each player, from the debut until the retirement: Stats Batting, Pitching and Fielding Stats Stats.
- A timeline of the events that marked the history of American baseball from 1823 through 2012.
- Exchange your duplicate cards with other users via Bluetooth ® App. Check out the catalog before changing, see what cards you already have and what cards you need to complete your collection.

Enjoy and recommend this sensational new collection to other people. You must have it on your iPad!

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System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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